BBC Music Magazine - 5 STARS Read more

'an irreverent antipodean twist' - 4 Stars Songlines Read more

'Gorgeous and haunting ... Bush Gothic are clued into the kind of reinterpretation that one might find in England's new generation of folk performers such as Jim Moray.' - RootsWorld Read more

'Beautiful, evocative and thoroughly enjoyable, Bush Gothic is Australian folk at its finest.' - Rip It Up Magazine Read more

'Extraordinary, even revolutionary. Unforgettable folk.' - The Canberra Times

'Frankly, wars could have exploded, governments imploded, revolutions sparked and faded, Shane Warne could have proposed, the trains could have run on time. I have been deaf to it all. Who do I have to thank for this interregnum? A Melbourne trio, and their supporting cast. The trio are Jenny M. Thomas and the System' - National Times Read more

'Imagine the most hackneyed old songs of colonial Australia re-imagined as works of exquisite beauty.' - Music Forum Read more

'Rescues Australian folk from the world of beards and blue jeans.' - The Age

'Singing and bowing at the same time and wryly reclaiming lost Australian cultural territory...Jenny M. Thomas, to my mind, means diversity in a very good way. She is like no other violin player on the planet' - fRoots UK Read more

'Imagining life without her music and its suprises is too bleak to even think about. Jenny M. Thomas is that transformative an artist. She is Earth and Ether. Big Words but true.' - fRoots UK Read more